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Lighting Repair

Did your light bulb just get burned?
Do you need a change of lighting?
Champion Electrician is here to make your home a lightning champion
We provide you with the lighting adapted to the room in question, according to your need for light at Porter Ranch and its environs.

Lighting are element of decoration chosen according to your tastes and your internal environment and are very indispensable in our day-to-day activities.
Champion Electrician offers you different lighting technologies and fixtures as:

Incandescent light bulb

These are now “old” lights. If you still have such lighting, know that they are not economical and present the risk of heating, depending on their power. It is therefore recommended to replace them with more modern and more economical systems such as LED lighting.

Halogen bulbs

We are very careful with this, they heat up and therefore consume a lot of energy! Their advantage is their brightness, which can be very important. However, the latest generation of LED lighting is more economical and able to provide sufficient light in most cases.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

These bulbs are energy efficient, but have drawbacks such as gases that are enclosed (with the risk of rejection in the room in case of failure).

LED bulbs gradually replace these types of bulbs in the “energy efficient” category and with a good shelf life.

The “neon lights”

They have the advantage of consuming little, and have a good shelf life. Their disadvantages are the light frequencies they send back. There are now LED-based “neons” that is convenient for replacing an existing tube without having to change the entire lighting.

LED bulbs and lighting

These are the great leaders today because they have many advantages:

Energy savings

Declinable in luminous intensity and in colors, so that one finds for all the uses or almost

Long service life

Some are remotely controllable with remotes (owners or Wifi)

We offer you different types of lighting:

  • Direct lighting
  • The light source is directed at the illuminated object. This is the most common type of lighting.
  • Indirect lighting
  • It creates an atmosphere. The light is directed to a surface that then returns it, like a wall or ceiling. It can bring more comfort for some activities.
  • Diffuse lighting
  • The light passes through a diffuser that filters, polarizes or changes its characteristics. Interesting in terms of decoration, atmosphere …
  • Mixed lighting
  • Mix of other types of lighting. This is usually what we choose to customize certain pieces, create a special atmosphere, …
  • Repair of your lights and electric lights

Call on our services to diagnose and repair your lighting. We can also advise you on a refurbishment , save energy by adopting new technologies of bulbs or luminaires, better respect the environment with ecological or eco-compatible solutions.

We can also help you to improve the brightness of a room: type of light, light intensity, color, remote control (home automation) from a smart switch or your smartphone, …

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